Chess in Iceland

chess_in_iceland - 50 percent

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This work is based upon the 1972 World Chess Championship played in Reykjavik, Iceland. The tournament was between the Soviet, Boris Spassky, and the American, Bobby Fischer. The match lasted 52 days, and consisted of 21 games. When it was finished Bobby Fischer had become the first American to capture the World Chess Championship.

chess_in_iceland - 3      chess_in_iceland - 2      chess_in_iceland - 1

This drawing represents game 17 of this historic event. Spassky (white) played a conservative game and by move 21 had pushed Fischer into a cramped position.

. In his next move Fischer turned the tide of the game by moving Q-K4 (his black queen two squares to her left). This was a defensive move, but it allowed Fischer to eventually fight back to a draw (7 of the last 8 games ended in draws).

Size: 35″ x 23″

Drawn: 1992-1996



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